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Being in the space for nearly 20 years has allowed us to truly understand the technological need for merchants, partners, and everything in between. As a organization fully committed to technology, Maverick has invested significantly into proprietary technology development to provide merchants, partners, and our team industry-leading tools.


In today’s extremely competitive payment processing industry, technology is key. Rather than selling just on pricing, selling on technology has proven to be more scalable, valuable, and sustainable. Our partners benefit from industry-leading technology.

Branding – we understand your brand is important to both merchants and partners, which is why we have developed a dashboard that can be fully branded and white labeled. For qualified partners, we provide a semi-brand, which is a white label for partner users. This allows the online application including the e-signature, to be fully branded under your company. Additionally, all email notifications to you and sub-agents would be fully branded. With several options available, the merchant-facing dashboard can also be white labeled. This provides your organization with an end-to-end, fully white labeled dashboard giving your team and your merchants industry-leading technology to leverage and utilize. 

On-boarding – merchants typically shrug when thinking about switching providers due to the paperwork and hassle of signing up with a new processor. Our on-boarding is frictionless and completely electronic. Merchants complete a user friendly online application while also being able to easily and securely upload documents. The online application is responsive and dynamic, meaning they can complete it from their laptop, tablet or smartphone and will only need to provide applicable information. With our proprietary e-signature tool, getting a merchant to sign is easier than ever as they just sign with their cursor. We have automated numerous KYC and underwriting checks, which means even quicker turnaround for approvals. With our boarding to our backend automated, getting approved files boarded and live is done almost instantly. 

Integration and Streamlined On-boarding – for offerings with a predetermined fee schedule or terms, we’ve built an easy-to-use campaign system. Common for ISVs and VARs, this system allows for a very frictionless and automated signup, which is very similar to a payment facilitator (payfac). Create a new campaign, enter the fee schedule, and you are ready to go. The campaign system will generate a unique JavaScript code which allows the partner to copy/paste to any sort of website or landing page. To the merchant, this can either start with a basic capture form (which converts to a partner-branded online application) or can go directly to the online application. Once the merchant has completed the required information, they can self-sign via their cursor with our proprietary signature tool, and then they will automatically go into the underwriting queue. Our streamlined sign up and on-boarding process means effortless merchant conversions. With campaign-level criteria and true auto-boarding capabilities, we have the ability to set KYC criteria that must be met, and in the case it is, the dashboard will automatically board the merchant and generate their merchant identification (MID) along with other information needed to get them processing within just a few minutes of completing the online application. 

Sub-agent Users – if you have sub-users, such as agents under you or other partners working under your office, you can assign them with a individual login so they can work their own leads and merchants, view their portfolio and clients, access residuals, and more.

Residuals – with intuitive residual reporting, easily view residuals at both a portfolio and merchant level. View merchant-level information, such as income, expenses, overall net profit, any adjustments, and net profit. If you have sub-agent users, effortlessly track their residuals with the ability to set different revenue share percentages. Additionally, disable sub-agent visibility should you want to use the residual report just to manage their reports while generating your own file.


Reporting – with detailed reporting, merchants can easily keep track of activity. Our reporting includes authorizations, batches, chargebacks, statements, and reserves. Authorization reporting allows a simple view of all authorizations attempted with the card, brand, amount, response, and timestamp, which is updated every two hours and can also be searched by card or terminal ID. Batch report summarizes each batch, which eases deposit reconciliation and also has the ability to breakdown data to understand what made up the batch, such as sales, refunds, and adjustments (such as tip adjustments), along with the correlating card for each item. Should any chargebacks, or customer disputes, occur, merchants will receive an email with the information so they can respond. No more receiving them in the mail or fax as our system will give you the ability to search by card or case and allows you to upload the documents to fight a chargeback directly to our system. Based on the chargeback reason code, the system will suggest which documents are needed for the chargeback center. Monthly statements are easily downloadable in PDF format and are typically available by noon on the first day of the month. For merchants with a pre-approved reserve, easily view the reserve ledger online.

Tools – the tools available in the dashboard make running a business a tad bit easier. Our fraud analysis tool gives merchants actionable information related to fraud, such as BIN-based authorization statistics, which include business versus consumer cards, domestic versus foreign issuers, card types and brands, and more. We also provide the breakdown of chargeback reasons to understand any sort of concentration on a specific code, approvals versus declines, decline reasons, card with excessive declines, and a negative chargeback system. The negative chargeback system will notify the merchant on a risky payment, which is derived from a successful authorization from a cardholder who has either charged back a previous sale to the merchant or another merchant in our portfolio, which can be very helpful in cases of friendly fraud.

Support – communication is key. Aside from our 24/7 support, easily open a support ticket in our dashboard. For news and updates, we provide electronic insights, similar to a newsletter, to keep you current with everything related to Maverick, payment processing and more. Merchants can also request account changes in a secure and electronic manner to ensure any updates get updated quickly and in a safe environment.

Bizlitix – business analytics are an imperative tool to better understand your business, competitors, and customers. Better understand your payment processing trends, website analytics, manage your online reputation with platforms such as Yelp and Google, understand what your competitors are doing in terms of online advertising, learn marketing opportunity with intuitive keyword research, leverage our heatmap to understand website visitor activity, and more.


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